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Heyde, vintage metal German cat nodder sitting and having a cup of coffee


There are many variations on this piece — sitting and knitting, reading, having a little snuff. She came in a large group of other nodding cats doing different activities. She is hollow cast metal. She was made in Germany by the Heyde company, some time pre-WW2. She’s about 3 inches tall to the top of […]

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Heyde, vintage metal German nodder cat with iron rod, has caught a rat


The figure is very dark, so it is difficult to get a good picture of it. I tried flash and lightening up the picture, but that makes it look a light gray and it is not, it’s dark. He is hollow cast metal and was made in Germany by the Heyde company, some time pre-WW2. […]

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Heyde 4 piece monkey band, nodder bobble heads, vintage metal figures


They are all nodders. On the back edge of their bases there are some model numbers cast into the metal. Look like, There is a number cast into the top of the back of the base, looks like M. Each of them is about 2 inches tall. They were made in Germany in the late […]

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